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I had my first one-to-one exercise advice and massage session yesterday lunchtime and it has made a real difference to the horrid sciatica which has stolen much of my activity and sleep in the last couple of months and brought us home early from 2 most recent trips. Marcela’s efforts were so successful that I lay down to do the low impact exercises she advised, did 5 mins then woke up an hour and a half later. So encouraged by that, I tried sleeping without prescription painkillers for first time in weeks and won seven hours deep sleep. 

Ruth McDonough

After struggling with running injuries for a few months, I decided to take up yoga/Pilates while training for my next half marathon, to try and keep my legs in better shape. Marcela and everyone at Seagrass welcomed me like I’d been there all my life and I went to as many classes as I could as it was always the highlight of my day! Going to classes at Seagrass made me feel better inside and out, and on race day my legs thanked me and brought me home in 1hr 45. I would recommend any class at Seagrass to anyone, I can guarantee it will improve your day.

Kate Hanousek

Marcela and I had a long chat about the difficulties I had been facing, my levels of pain and stamina and how I felt like I was struggling to make my body work. She very much seemed to understand what I was feeling, how I was moving and where it was going a little wrong!  We discussed how to strengthen my core, what muscles I should be using and she demonstrated the difference between what I was doing and how I could be doing it better. Marcela explained about massaging and releasing the fascia, one thing that really surprised me is how gentle it was and how in tune Marcela seemed to be with my pain levels. I am not sure what she did but it was magic, my pain was reduced and I felt like I was floating.  I was shown some very simple core exercises which again suit my level of ability perfectly. “I can’t believe after only my first session, I was able to walk unaided for the first time in months. I felt more stable and confident. My back and neck pain has greatly reduced”

Rachel Harding

After years of being a couch potato, decided a little exercise was required. Went to Seagrass for a session just to see. Now a member and regularly attend 4 sessions a week. Loving it!

Judith Carter

My experience at Seagrass has been wonderful and it has changed my life! I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis’s in 2012. I have had many relapses which have affected my balance, coordination, memory, muscle weakness, sensations and lots more! I started Marcela’s classes 5 years ago. I have always been shy but when I started Marcela made me feel welcome and has she helped me to keep fit and helped my body recover from relapses. I so look forward to Marcela’s classes as well as keeping fit it is a great social time for me. I would highly recommend to everyone no matter what size, ability or age. Marcela’s classes are Fantastic!

Jem Yeo

I went to a Pilates class with a friend, it was an amazing workout. Marcela was brilliant and very encouraging as we had only had one class before and that was years ago. She explained every move well, we knew exactly what to do. Can’t wait to go again.

Marie Hart

Marcela is a lovely teacher, you choose the level you work at and she always keeps an eye on you to make sure you are doing this correctly. Friendly atmosphere, its fun!!

I also recently saw Marcela for pain management….it was fantastic….I arrived in a lot of pain and left feeling so much better, thank you!!

Sarah Gatting

Seagrass is the friendliest yet most professional pace to go to exercise and make lifelong friends. Rates are good classes are brilliant and adapted to your personal fitness level so you can build up your body strength gradually and at a safe pace.

Marion Slee

Marcela is experienced and friendly and has classes to suit all needs, she is very knowledgeable and approachable. Give these classes ago I really recommend them.

Bobby McDonnell

An amazing opportunity to bring the local community together and keep fit and healthy and have fun at the same time.

Paul Jobe

Lovely studio, I had a lovely relaxing holistic massage with Marcella, left feeling so much better and stress free! Thank you. 

Krissie Leyland

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