Pure Core (Monday 09:15) 

Our specialised intensive core class is designed to work the abs, obliques, pelvic floor and back, all the notoriously hard areas to train. This class has a variety of exercises (not just sit-ups) to make sure that you get a complete core workout, each week is different and in no time you will be noticing a difference. Why not combine your core workout with another class to complement your abdominal work and push yourself further.  

Fusion Pilates (Monday 10:15, Wednesday 10:15 & 18:00 and Friday 10:15)

Our signature Pilates class draws on our dance experience as well as our Pilates knowledge to create a class that is fun, interesting and effective. We don’t stick exclusively to the original 34 Pilates as we like to make sure that each class is different to keep you on your toes. We combine dance exercises with the Pilates fundamentals of Alignment, Breath, Cantering, Control Focus and Flow.  This class is suitable for everyone as we use progression and modifications to suit your level of fitness

Sculpt & Strengthen (Tuesday 09:15 & Wednesday 18:00)

We up the intensity by adding resistance in the form of dumbbells, kettlebells and bands to this class. You get a full body workout that is low impact on joints but effective in muscle toning and strength building. This class is kept light hearted and fun but you still get a full on workout. The class is taught with lots of options so that you can work to your own level and our small class sizes mean that we can always make sure that you are lifting safely.                                  

Release & Relax (Tuesday 10:15) 

This is an exceptionally calming and relaxing class. The aim is to gently move your body in precise ways to target specific muscles. Working gently and slowly helps to release built up tension and can result in a greater range of movement, more flexibility, connection and control. We target the fascia of the body with long hold stretches and by using props such as pillows, bands and towels. Often the cause of chronic pain is in fact tight fascia, especially after a muscle injury that has healed and yet you are still experiencing stiffness or pain. Breath work plays an important part in this session. You will be taught how to use your breath to achieve greater range of movement and also breathing exercises for reducing stress and pain. This class works the whole body from top to toe as well as calming the mind. At the end of each session there is a guided relaxation with blankets and soothing music.

Men on Mats (Thursday 18:00)

This is our Release & Relax class but specifically aimed at men, this class is designed for men who need to move, twist and stretch.  Not only do we address individual physical needs we also hold space for each other. This is a relaxed and friendly environment where our men chat openly and we use breathing techniques to help reduce stress and tension.  

Core Control & Balance (Wednesday 09:15)

This class uses large stability balls to make it challenging but a lot of fun. We perform Pilates exercises, but the intensity of the ball means that you work your core a lot harder to maintain your balance and correct alignment. This will give you a deeper understanding of how to connect with your core and your abs will hurt from the laughing alone. This is a fantastic full body workout for those looking for something low-impact and different.  It is also great for anyone who wants to improve their strength and balance and It is especially recommended for people wishing to improve their performance in sports. This class will help you to understand how your body moves and improve the neurological pathways associated with movement and stabilisation. You will definitely feel the benefits of this class 

Peak Physique (09:15) 

Want results fast? Then this high energy class is for you, we use weights and resistance bands to make sure that you get a full workout from top to toe, you will sculpt, tone and strengthen your entire body. We use low weights but high-repetition movements to help to improve muscle strength, burn calories and strengthen joints and bones. The class is high energy but still low impact to keep you safe. The class is taught with lots of options so that you can work to your own level and our small class sizes mean that we can always make sure that you are lifting safely.  

Focus & Flow (Thursday 19:00) 

This high energy class combines all the elements of Pilates that you love but is slightly more intense. It is designed with a focus on fine tuning your technique and control as well as helping you to tone and build muscle strength, improve your balance and stability. This class is guaranteed to be fun and leave you feeling energised. 

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