Here is a sneaky peek behind the scenes at our latest photo shoot. It is so important as a business to update your marketing images regularly.

Why do we use a professional photographer when you can take decent photos with a phone?

Using your phone for a quick snap during a class is absolutely fine for uploads to social media, it keeps your audience up to date with your goings on and keeps things real. We highly recommend that you do this regularly, but the real magic happens in the editing.

A good photographer can take an ordinary looking photo and turn it into something amazing, any little imperfections can be rectified using editing software. Because of the use of correct lighting equipment and camera lenses the clarity you get is fantastic. This is really important if you are going to use the images for printing things like posters and banners. You need clear images in a high resolution to get a good result with printing, the is also the case with websites. It’s important to have a quality looking marketing for your business, it makes you look professional and trustworthy and people will want to invest in you.

Why not just use stock images?

 Don’t get us wrong, not every image we use is our own, we do also use online image library. These are a great way to find the image you need quickly, and you are guaranteed a good quality image. The only danger is that if you rely on these too much you could lose your identity as everyone else is also using them. Your audience know when they are looking at photos of perfect looking models and this might alienate some of your audience, as they might feel that this is how they need to look to come to your class. A mix of stock images and real people is a much better way to go. Please make sure that you read the small print when using these websites, you can find your self in hot water if you use images without the correct licence.  

How do I get the most from my photo shoot?

The most important aspect is of course your photographer. Do your homework, get recommendations and check out their website and social media. Make sure that you like their style. Next you need to be really clear on what you want. You need to know what vibe you are trying to portray if your audience is Mums and babies you want to have fun bright colours that would be attractive to children, if your audience is kick ass kick boxers you might want to go with a more industrial look. Get clear on who you want to move to action with your marketing.

Get yourself on Pinterest and make yourself a storyboard for your shoot. Look up images that give off the vibe that you want to achieve. Share your board with your photographer during your consultation. They will be able to tell you what is achievable, what you will need to achieve it in terms of space and people. They will also be able to give you some good ideas on how to achieve your vibe once they are clear on what you want. Remember photographers live and breathe photography, use their experience to guide you.  Make sure that you stay true to your vibe, don’t let yourself be talked into something that doesn’t sit well with you.  listen to advice but optimally this is YOUR shoot and you need to get out of it what YOU want, so be brave and trust your instincts. Decide on what shots you want so that when it comes to the shoot you can use your time wisely and be organised, time is money as they say.

Make sure you think about your branding colours.  We always ask our volunteers to wear our brand colours, we make sure that our mats are all the right colour and that anything in the background of the photo fits with our vibe. When it comes to asking people to be in your photos it goes without saying that you should be using people who represent your target audience. There is no point is asking your 20 something friends to be in your photos to market your over 60’s chair Pilates class.

The break down:

  • Get clear on your target audience and vibe
  • Do your research and choose a photographer with a style you like and make sure they are someone that you can communicate with.
  • Set up your venue to reflect your vibe
  • Choose your models carefully and don’t be afraid to bribe people with the promise of cocktails- it works for us!
  • Remember that you are paying for the shoot and you are in charge. Be polite, but firm to get the best from the time and stay true to your vibe.

A big thank you to Billy Squire Photography & Design for our lovely photos.


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