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Our fitness classes are friendly and supportive. No matter your age, size or fitness level, you are welcome at Seagrass.  We work in a low impact way but get big results! We help to restore the natural functionability of the body, tone and strengthen.  We make sure that our classes are balanced giving you a complete body workout. Our programs are designed to be low impact on joints (accessible for those with impairments) but also extremely effective. We believe that you get better results working at a slower pace, giving your body time to respond. With gentle movement you can persuade the body into moving more, thus increasing flexibily. 

We teach you how to be aware of your correct alignment to help prevent and recover from injuries and improve posture. Having a better awareness of your alignment and how your body should move means that you can move more efficiently and therefore with more power. We believe that it is vital to work on the mind/body connection. Once you are aware of how your body feels in a healthy state you can quickly pick up on any imbalances that may occur and address them before they become a problem.

We make sure that class sizes are kept small to ensure that all attendees receive ample attention and encouragement. Your safety and personal progression is our utmost priority. We promise that you will work hard in class but have fun while doing it. 

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Our signature Pilates class draws on our dance experience as well as our Pilates knowledge to create a class that is fun, interesting and effective. We don’t stick exclusively to the original 34 Pilates as we like to make sure that each class is different to keep you on your toes. We combine dance exercises with the Pilates fundamentals of Alignment, Breath, Centring, Control Focus and Flow. This class is suitable for everyone as we use progression and modifications to suit your level of fitness. Suitable for all abilities this full-body workout will challenge you and help to tone and sculpt your body while improving your balance, coordination and flexibility. You will need your own mat, water and pillow.


Monday 09:15-10:00 Online 

Monday 18:30-19:30 Christ Church Braunton 

Friday 09:30-10:30 South Street Church Braunton 

Stretch & Strengthen

Take some time to relax and reconnect your mind and body. This class will leave you feeling completely stretched and chilled. It is so important to take time to be present in the moment and focus on your personal wellbeing. This is an exceptionally calming and relaxing class which aims to gently move your body in precise ways to target specific muscles. Working gently and slowly, we will help you to release built up tension and achieve greater mobility, more flexibility, connection and control. 


Monday 10:30-11:00 Online

Friday 10:30-11:00 South Street Church Braunton 

To Book a class please call Marcela on 0778052596

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